We all are missing that time when we all love watching cartoons. That was our childhood time and it was very precious. In our childhood, we all love cartoon animals and animal cartoon characters. Cartoon animals are nothing they are some animated graphics in an animal character with the human voice.

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There are some famous cartoon characters about whom we will talk today. We will talk about some famous animated animals, which are all animal cartoon characters.

If you need a list of famous cartoon animals, then here is that list.

All these cartoon animals are famous and liked by most people, and these cartoon animals are famous in different roles.

1. Snoopy

This is one of the famous animal cartoon characters. The pet hound of Charlie Brown, Snoopy is an associate lovely dog. Snoopy lives in his fairy tale land wherever nearly everything is. An author, a university student, associate lawyer, a British war I flying ace, and plenty of many illustrious characters.

However although he desires to ace at everything, his notional rivals create it not possible for him. Sometimes he is ungenerous and lazy. However, at an equivalent time, he is lovely and constant. He imagines speaking however, all he will do is speaks to himself.

2. Felix the Cat

If you see cats are very famous animals in a cartoon character. In this list of famous cartoon animals, it is on the second stand. Felix the marten was the primary character from animation to earn the recognition that even surprised picture audiences.

A significant character within the silent film era, Felix the Cat is characterized by mischievous acts; however, he is continuously willing to assist others.
He features a white snout, big eyes, and an oversized smile.

He loves food and will do everything for the last bite too. Albeit Felix has not appeared plenty again and again on the large screen, the marten still remains everyone’s favorite.

3. Donald Duck

If we are talking about cartoon animals then how we can forget Donald Duck. The most far-famed duck within the world, Donald Duck may be a white duck with an outsized yellow-orange bill that seems onscreen wearing a sailor’s cap and shirt.

Donald Duck has appeared in additional than 225 cartoon movies. Initially introduced in 1934, he is Paddy Mouse’s yard friend and is thought of for his upbeat perspective towards life.

June ninth is discovered because of the National Donald Duck Day each year as this was the day once Donald created his screen debut. Donald’s shut friend, Daisy Duck, together with his nephews, Huey, Dewey, and Louie, still rule the hearts of 1 and everyone.

4. Tom and Jerry

Oh my god! This world stuck out from our mouths when we listen to TOM ADN JERRY. They both are very famous cartoon animals, and at this time tom and jerry are most watching cartoons in India.

He most painting combine which will most likely ne’er leave our mind and also the heart is Tom and German. A mysterious couple of the cat and mouse. The Yankee animated series created in 1940, revolves around Tom’s tries to induce hold of German and Jerry’s run to own a life-saving escape.

Throughout its peak time, the show won seven Academy Awards for Animated short films. Tom and German are criticized for being violent, however, there’s no show of bloodshed and everything is in a very funny tone. Music and sound play an important half during this cartoon.

This world-famous carton of a mouse has been amusing scores of folks around the world since 1928. The organism of Walter Elias Disney World, the master someone Paddy Mouse has understood everywhere the planet in its bright red shorts and huge yellow shoes.

You all know something about cartoon characters and also know some points about TOM AND JERRY like the original name of these two characters is asper and Jinx. In addition, Tom and Jerry become famous Tom and Jerry after a contest held on their names. The author who named both of them has launched them after a cocktail.

We know that Tom and Jerry is a very famous cartoon character, one of the proudest and interesting things about both of them, both they are the seven-time winner of the Oscar Award.

The 1945 musical Anchors Aweigh paired saltation icon professional dancer with several celebrity partners, however none as fantastical as Jerry Mouse. Kelly and Jerry perform along through the magic of filmmaking in “The Worry Song.” Jerry is royalty, whereas Tom makes an anaglyph as a servant. Some sources claim that the film originally wished Mickey Mouse, however, Walter Elias Disney declined to lend out their far-famed placental.

5. Winnie the Pooh

These don’t seem to be an excessive amount of glorious however conjointly known cartoon animals. They are on the fifth rank within the known cartoon animals. Winnie-the-Pooh, fondly conjointly called the Pooh Bear was a teddy cartoon created by English author A. A. Milne.

Walt Disney|Walter Elias Disney|filmmaker|filmmaker|filmproducer|movie maker} World authorized Winnie the Pooh stories in 1961 and it became one amongst the foremost productive Disney franchises. Pooh is depicted as half-witted, however, he’s conjointly friendly and thoughtful.

In conjunction with his friends Eeyore the donkey, Piglet, Tigger the tiger, Kanga the pouched mammal together with her baby Roo, Pooh Bear has given some unforgettable stories that have lasted across decades. Pooh is acknowledged to own an ingenious plan typically which will facilitate folks in want.

6. Kung Fu Panda

This is massive however a fine-looking cartoon animal. it’s likable by most of the kids. he’s the world-famous and endearing fat Po the large Panda. He is a martial art enthusiast, United Nations agency accidentally gets elite because of the Dragon mortal.

He’s ma Shifu’sfavourite student at the Jade Palace. He then groups up with the Furious 5 to destroy the evil forces that threaten the natural depression of Peace. Po’s generosity, strength, and resolution build him the king of the hearts of individuals everywhere in the globe.

This square measure a number of the foremost illustrious cartoon animals United Nations agency have purloined our hearts with their mischievous pranks, sweet smiles, and funny caricatures. Their comic stories are amusing the United States of America for many years and until nowadays, don’t fail to surprise and excite the United States of America.

7. Spongebob Squarepants

Their area unit some kids WHO like some scientific cartons and this one is for those kids. This can be additionally a noted cartoon animal. Marine Science professional and animator Stephen Hillenburg created the cartoon series “Spongebob Squarepants” for the phonograph.

Spongebob is an associated aquatic animal and resides within the fictional underwater town known as swimming costume Bottom. He lives during a submerged pineapple together with his pet snail metropolis.

Spongebob WHO resembles an oblong room sponge carries a childlike enthusiasm and is full of optimism. he’s a cook at a fast-food eating place and loves jelly fishing. He has one goal which is to induce a license to drive a boatmobile.

8. Tweety

Have you seen some sweet and small cartoons? I do know some say affirmative however some say no. therefore here we tend to square measure showing a really gifted and a known cartoon animal.

Tweety may be a common yellow canary from lunatic Tunes and Merrie Melodies series of animated cartoons. This was created by Warner Bros. The name “Tweety” originally meant “sweetie”, together with “tweet” which stands for the sounds of birds.

He incorporates a massive yellow head and is commonly delineated as a mild and sweet character. he’s usually shown being hunted person by Sylvester the cat within the lunatic Tunes and Merrie Melodies series of cartoons.

9. Hello Kitty

we all know that cat is such a cute animal. However, can you think if it is in a cartoon character, how is it look? Definitely, it looks cute and also pretty in a cartoon character. So now we will talk about a famous animal cartoon character named Hello Kitty.

Hello, Kitty or kitty White may be an imaginary creature created by the Japanese company Sanrio. hi, Kitty may be a feminine Japanese Bobtail with a red bow and no mouth.

Sanrio introduced the character within the USA in 1976. Kitty has featured in a very form of merchandise starting from college provides toys, bags, and fashion accessories. many hi Kitty TV series is created, that show the adventures of this

10. Kitty

There are three anime films on hi Kitty. There have conjointly been Kitty-connected online games in addition to many puzzles and journey games.

This is also a comic cat which you look in a cartoon character. Now you have to read some important facts about this famous cartoon character. Garfield the cat became a well-liked yank cool animated film created by Jim Davis.

It absolutely was originally printed in 1976. in conjunction with Jon Arbuckle, his human owner, and Odie, the dog, President Garfield is depicted as a lazy and fat orange cat. He likes to eat lasagna and sleep and hates Mondays, fellow cat Nermal and exercise.

Today, President Garfield options on a line of wear, toys, games, books, cruises, and motion-picture show DVDs. it’s attention-grabbing to understand that in three countries –Sweden, Norway, and Finland, President Garfield isn’t named in and of itself however Gustav.

11. Bugs Bunny

Have you seen a rabbit, I think you all say yes because it is a cute animal. How do you feel when you see that rabbit in a cartoon character. It is also a famous cartoon character Bugs Bunny. Bugs Bunny is also counted in the list of famous cartoon characters. Let’s know some interesting facts about these famous cartoon characters.

Bugs Bunny is an associate animated rabbit cartoon character created within the late 1930 s.

Bugs Bunny has marked in roles within the crazy Tunes and Merrie Melodies series of animated short films, made by Warner Bros. he’s friends with Lola Bunny, and along they share a series of attention-grabbing adventures, celebrated for his carrot mastication scenes.

Together, they need to appear in additional than a hundred and sixty short animation films. And at this point, Bugs Bunny is additionally one of all the celebrated cartoon characters. This cartoon character is making a large quantity from the animation trade.

12. Mickey Mouse

Mickey Mouse is one of the great and famous cartoon characters. Now you think Micky mouse is a very famous cartoon character so why I have discussed it in the last. I will tell you the reason because this is not all your favorite. Mickey Mouse is also my favorite animal character.

I will tell you more and more about this character, some interesting facts and also about this character. First, you have to know some basic points about this animal character.

You have listened to several cartoon characters however all told those, nobody is like Mickey Mouse. This world-famous carton of a mouse has been an entertaining legion of individuals around the world since 1928. The organism of Walter Elias Disney World, the master person Mickey Mouse has thought everywhere the planet in its bright red shorts and enormous yellow shoes.

Disney’s spirited animations and live-action cartoons area unit crammed with the pranks and antics of this beloved mouse United Nations agency has taken our hearts away alongside his friends the fictional animal, Minnie Mouse, and pet dog Pluto.

Now you have to know some interesting facts about mickey mouse. This famous cartoon character also has some hidden qualities like, Mickey mouse also has an Oscar on his name and The artists who voiced Mickey & Minnie were married in real life.

He’s full of boundless imagination. When we think of Disney, we think of creativity and storytelling, and adventures in far-off lands. Mickey Mouse embodies that creative spirit with his boundless imagination.


All these are famous cartoon characters, they all are famous and also in this list of famous cartoon characters. We know that cartoons are liked by most people because it is also a legal way of entertainment.