Neeraj Chopra is an athlete of field and track events of javelin throw who was born on 24 December 1997. He is in the army on the post of a junior commissioned officer. He was the only one who won a gold medal for India in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. Neeraj Chopra ranking is second.

He is only 23 years old. He is having 6 ft in height and 86 kg weight. He got the training from the coach whose name is Uwe Hohn. The name of his father is Satish Kumar and the name of his mother is Saroj Devi. He has done his education at the DAV College.

He is from Haryana state. He is still not married. He is having a record of 88.1 meters. He is living in the nearby village of Panipat which is Khandra. He is having two sisters and his family is involved in the profession of agriculture. Neeraj Chopra parents is having a huge hand behind his success.

Neeraj Chopra lifestyle

Neeraj Chopra was fat in his childhood. Children used to tease him because of his obesity. So, his father used to send him to the gymnasium in madlauda. Then he joins the gym for controlling his weight. He often visited Panipat sports authority Centre where Jaiveer Choudhary used to practice and he recognized the inner talent. He was very much impressed with the talent of Chaudhary as he used to throw the javelin 40 meters away without any training. Chaudhary becomes Neeraj Chopra coach.

When he got training under Chaudhary for almost one year, then he got admission to the Tau Devi Lal sports complex which is 4 hours away from his house. There Naseem Ahmad was the trainer of Neeraj Chopra who trained him for the long-distance running and javelin throw. In the sports complex, he used to learn the javelin throw of 55 meters away. When he increased his capability, he went for junior nationals in Lucknow where he won the tournament by making the record of 68.4 meters.

In 2014, he won the first international silver medal in Bangkok by making the record of 70 meters. Neeraj Chopra record 81.04 meters in the inter-university athletic meet in 2015. It was the first time got a throw of above 80 meters. In 2016, he joins the Netaji Subhash national institute of sports which is in Patiala. He won the gold medal in the South Asian Games in 2016 by making the record of 84.23 meters.

World championship and army induction

He has made a record of 86.48 meters in IAAF world U20 championship 2016 by winning a gold medal. The Indian army was very much impressed with the Neeraj Chopra performance in the south Asian games so they offer him junior commissioned officer with the rank of naib subedar. No athlete got this post who is a non-commissioned officer. He went to Bangalore for getting admission to the sports authority of India.

  • Neeraj Chopra 2018

Neeraj Chopra won the Asian athletics championship in 2017 by making the record of 85.23 meters. He was the first person who throws 86.47 meters in commonwealth games. He throws 87.43 meters in the Doha diamond league in 2018.

In the Asian games of 2018, he made a new record of 88.06 meters and won the gold medal in the javelin throw of the men. He was awarded by Arjuna award in 2018 and the subedar award was given by the army in November 2018.

In 2020, Chopra went to international competition and won by making a record of 87.86 meters. He was given 3rd rank internationally as he had broken his record by making the throw of 88.07 meters.

  • 2020 Olympics

He won the gold medal in the finals which were held on 7th august 2021 by making the record of 87.58 meters and become the first person to get gold for India after 121 years in the Olympics.

Neeraj Chopra heights

Neeraj Chopra ranked second field player who won the gold prize in javelin throw in the games of Olympic. When he got the medal, he kissed the track. After winning, he took the flag of the country and run over the track as if he was showing the enthusiasm of winning. In India, 7th August will be celebrated as the national javelin day as he has created history by winning the javelin throw.

The simple wordings of the Neeraj Chopra were that he was not bothered that he will win the game or not. He was having the target only to play the best part. He got an injury during the playing in the early days of playing but never back his feet and he reaches to heights.

When he got a medal, he thanks the audience for always supporting him. He was feeling very much happy as he was thinking that he had done something best for his country. Olympic is the best part of the life of every athlete and Neeraj Chopra was feeling very good when he was going for the Olympics.

When one person asks Neeraj Chopra that if he got a chance to meet Abhinav Bindra what he would say to him? Neeraj Chopra said that he would be thanking him for the great inspiration for all the upcoming athletes. Abhinav Bindra is having so much dedication towards the game with his hard work.

Meeting with prime minister

P.M. Modi the prime minister has meeting with Neeraj Chopra after 9 days of his winning. P.M. Modi asked him a question that “why he was so happy while he had thrown the second throw”? So, Neeraj in the back saying said that he got the sense from the experiencing that he has thrown the best throw.

The prime minister encourages the Olympic winners and even gave them best wished to play well in the other tournaments also. The minister also asked the players whether he can put their equipments in auction to raise funds for the good need. The players were also agreed with this noble cause.


Neeraj was a good player in track and field events. He has worked hard to reach the Olympics. He never stops hard work and pushes himself to make a new record for India. When he got injured then also, he has not stepped back. Neeraj Chopra would be one of those athletes who would be an inspiration for the other athletes. Neeraj Chopra will power shows that “where there is will there is a way”.

Everyone in the family has encouraged him for doing his best in the track events. Coaches have given him the best training to the best in his field. He is having a very normal lifestyle and he is not having any attitude as the other players are having.