You have never sold anything unless you’ve sold your product to at least three strangers. However, when you sell dreams, you sell emotions paired with trust and joy in a cute little gift card.

From Chocolate Pancakes to Nike Shoes, gift cards have always worked out wonderfully! There’s no doubt that these cards hardly ever fail. It’s high time that your business remains amongst your family and friends. So, why not take it to the next level? Sit back, Relax.

Here are six steps that can help you make your gift card marketing game more durable than ever!

Make it Eye-Catching

Veg Pulao is Biryani. It isn’t. But we have your attention now.
Ask yourselves, why do you buy expensive clothes sometimes? What’s the point of owning a Ferrari or taking a vacation to Bali or anything that pleases your eyes?

There’s only one simple reason. It makes you feel AWESOME and gives you all the attention you need.

The tip here is to ensure that the physical appearance of your gift card is so tempting that customers outside your niche are also compelled to own one of your company’s gift cards. Consult a professional designer, or you could use websites like Canva, which will help you strengthen your game.

You could go with Premium Blacks or Sweet Baby Pinks depending upon your product and the company’s color scheme.

Your niche isn’t as small as you think.

We mean it, There’s nothing in this world which is liked only by a handful of people. Let’s say you own a bookshop (Pch, who reads books. They should, they will.), and you sold a few gift cards to a handful of Bookaholics, and that’s it. That’s all your business? The answer is no.

Here’s a lesson of Trickery, track your customer’s behaviors to find more customers! Your Bookaholic is likely to participate in a college fest hosting a Story Writing or a Poetry Slam competition.

To sponsor the event and let them do your job. Your Book gift card can be a winning trophy to people who wish to read. Consider how many college festivals are happening in the city and then the state. Dig deeper into your niche and make banks!

Think like a customer

Don’t find customers for your products. Find Products for your customers.
People love McDonald’s, MOD, and Crossword gift cards and vouchers solely because one cannot get enough of it.

One always wishes to redeem them or get a new one because people love the deals they offer, and such exotic transactions initiate brand recall and trust. Rethink your own company’s operations and ask yourself, would you be satisfied with your gift card if you were a customer?

Make sure that your deals are so good that your customers always come back wanting more. Always. Rethink your deals, and it’s never too late. Also, The Pancake Story offers discounts to students *Runs to the shop*

Online Gift cards

If you’re stuck at home, so are your customers. So why not sell your gift cards online and let them purchase dreams with clicks rather than clinks. Online gift cards can turn over your company’s business to a great deal. It’s suddenly a whole lot easier to access your goods and services without getting out of the couch.

Making your gift cards easily accessible will refrain your customers from double thinking before choosing your company before others. They’ll know you’re the best and there’s no need to go anywhere else!


To expand your business, you’ve got to find your product’s better half. The goal is to reach your audience, and you can do so by finding the perfect collaboration which will help you reach out to the audience subtly but effectively, thus landing up with tremendous benefits.

Let’s say your company sells pens, all you have to do is find out what people are most likely to buy with pens. A Diary maybe? Now find a Diary company, sign a deal and let them boost your Gift cards out in the world.

Advertise your gift cards

Advertising is the price you pay for unremarkable thinking, and going viral is how your product gift cards can run the long run these days. Advertise your gift card so well that everyone lands up buying them. One strategy is to attach an emotional element to it.

Imagine an ad that portrays a happy family enjoying an exceptional vacation in a historical theme park with all huge rides, games, resorts, etc. Wouldn’t one wish to be that person? Sell him that dream through your gift card.

For him, this dream might be too expensive, but your gift card solves his problem, and he can finally enjoy the happy life, in turn, fetching you ravishing sales.

You’ve reached the end of the page, but here’s a little motivation for you. Your Gift cards will surely sell. You will establish your dream company. The thing that can stop you is you. Start Hustling and Sell Dreams.