A world full of gifted people on TV exists, but very few can enthral viewers with their wide range of abilities like the amazing Henry Cole. Cole, who is well-known for his work as a broadcaster, businessman, and motorcycle enthusiast, has established a career that spans multiple industries.

We will explore Henry Cole’s accomplishments, business endeavours, and fortunes accumulated throughout the years as we take a fascinating look at his net worth today.

Henry Cole Wiki

Name Henry Cole
Age 58 years old (as of 2023)
Birthday 16th February, 1965
Place of Birth London, England
Education Eton College
Occupation Presenter, Entrepreneur
Wife Janie Cole
Notable Achievements Co-founder of Gladstone Motorcycle, Renowned Television Presenter
Philanthropic Involvement Support for injured servicemen and Women

Henry Cole’s net worth will be discussed further in the article; for now, how about we look at his personal life? The 16th of February 1965 saw Henry’s birth in Norfolk, England. As stated above, he is now 58 years old. He then joined Eton College after completing high school. He overcame a great battle with heroin when he was young and became clean in his late twenties. From then on, he has abstained from drugs.

His personal life

Henry Cole has never been one to readily divulge personal information to the press. We have, nevertheless, discovered some fascinating details regarding his family. He is contentedly wed to Jane, a woman whose existence has not been widely reported by the media.

They have reportedly been married for a long time, and their strong marriage has allowed them to raise two amazing children, Tom and Charlie.

Henry Cole’s Net Worth, Television venture and shows, Career, Philanthropy and Addiction

Henry Cole record
The legend that is Allen Millyard popped over on his Viper V10 to deliver our official Guinness World Records certificate for fastest speed 2-up on a motorcycle (183.5 mph). Even Jelly Bean wanted to get a look!

Henry Cole’s projected net worth for 2023 is within a range of $3 – $5 million. His longevity in the field of entertainment largely explains that. Based in London, England, Henry operates his production firm, H.C.A Entertainment Ltd. Henry produces television programs for well-known networks like BBC, NBC, Discovery Channel, and others through H.C.A Entertainment.

Henry joined the industry over thirty-two years ago. Intriguingly, his family tie involved his great-great uncle who happened to be the former British Prime Minister W.E. Gladstone, William Ewart. How cool is that? Within twenty years, Henry had managed to host over 200 concerts.

Net Worth $3-5 million
Net Worth (in Indian Rupees) Around 25 to 42 Cr
Profession Entrepreneur, Motorbike enthusiast, actor and director

Henry Cole’s Net Worth

Henry Cole has significantly more value in his net worth than just money. It is evidence of his tenacious pursuit of his interests, unshakable commitment, and unyielding spirit of enterprise.

Cole’s wealth represents the remarkable achievements of a complex person, spanning from his early years as a motorcycle enthusiast to his current position as a captivating presenter and prosperous entrepreneur. Henry Cole is projected to have a net worth of $3–5 million by 2023.

His Television venture

It is possible to link Henry Cole’s rise to fame to his tiny screen debut. He immediately captured the hearts of fans everywhere with his contagious energy and captivating charisma.

He became the preferred host for programs like “The Motorbike Show” and “World’s Greatest Motorcycle Rides” because of his charismatic nature and extensive motorbike knowledge, solidifying his status as an authority on two-wheeled marvels. “Find It, Fix It, Flog It” and “Shed and Buried” are two of his previous shows.

Henry Cole has demonstrated remarkable entrepreneurial drive and left a lasting impact on a variety of businesses, even outside of his success on television. As a partner in the founding of Gladstone Motorcycles, he has been instrumental in creating custom motorcycles that fuse cutting-edge mechanical feats with classic design.

Cole’s attention to detail and dedication to excellence have brought him widespread recognition and increased his wealth.

Henry Cole TV Shows

Henry produces his programs through his company. Henry Cole has shared the stage with his best buddy Sam Lovegrove, who shares his passion for classic vehicles and motorcycles, on numerous occasions. The shows “Junk and Chaos”, “Shed and Buried”, and “Find It, Fix It, Drive It” are hosted by Henry and Sam. On the other hand, Henry hosts a private program called the Motorbike Show in which he either restores or drives classic motorbikes. Before Ultimate Motorcycling Magazine purchased the rights to distribute the show in the United States of America in 2016, the broadcast was exclusively accessible to viewers in the United Kingdom.

During the fifth season of the show, he decided to break the land speed record with a Baby Pendine 750cc Brough Superior motorcycle. This was accomplished when his buddy and fellow partner Sam Lovegrove restored the bike. He now rides for the Brough Superior Team, and his record speed is 104.298 mph. Henry hosts the shows listed below.

  • World’s Greatest Motorcycle Rides
  • Steve McQueen’s Motorcycles movie star
  • Find It, Fix It, Flog It
  • Shed and Buried
  • Henry Cole’s Great British Treasure Hunt
  • The Motorbike Show
  • Junk and Disorderly
  • Find It, Fix It, Drive It


In Norfolk, England, Henry Cole was born in 1965. He is at present 58 years of age and has had impressive success in his work. Henry Cole became famous not only as an actor but also as a man from the shadowy side of the camera. His career has been further established by him taking up the roles of director and producer in several TV series and movies.

In light of that, a selection of those works is provided below: Englishmen, Mad Dogs, Princess in Love, Dead Funny, etc. He has contributed to numerous television shows, including Men Brewing Badly, Frontline Stories, Crime fighters, The Skulls of Sanctuary, and many more. He also oversees HCA Entertainment, his producing firm. Not to be forgotten is his love of bikes and motorbikes. As a result, he founded Gladstone Motorcycles.

Additionally, he has directed a few TV ads for various firms, including Flora, Top Up TV, TFL, Amstrad, and others. You are probably well aware of Henry Cole’s talent, notoriety, and work ethic, all of which have contributed to his enormous net worth.

Henry Cole team
Perfect Saturday filming in the mist at the Cotswold Oil and Engine Preservation Society Bring and Buy in Clanfield.

Philanthropy and Beyond

Despite his professional success, Henry Cole remains grounded and committed to making a positive impact on the world. He has gained a lot of respect for his charitable work, particularly with groups that support injured service members.

Henry Cole Addiction

Henry has been clean from heroin for the past few years, having used the drug between the ages of 19 and 24. He works to share his story of overcoming addiction and assist other addicts.

In an interview with Telegraph UK, he stated “In the late Eighties I became a virtual recluse. I was so terrified of stepping outside to buy drugs that I paid £7,000 a year to have riders bring them to me. Strangely, the only individuals I ever saw were the upstairs flatmates, Luke and Matt Goss from the pop band Bros.”

He continued, “After experiencing a severe mental breakdown, I stopped making mortgage payments on the apartment where I lived with my ex-girlfriend, who later broke up with me. My possessions were repossessed not long after multiple abortive attempts at suicide.”

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Frequently Asked Questions

How is Henry Cole able to support himself?
Ans: Henry, who owns HCA Entertainment, a television production company, is most recognized globally for his work as a TV presenter. He has a lifetime interest in motorcycles and tinkering and fixing ancient machines.

Who owns motorcycles in Gladstone?
Ans: The CEO of Gladstone Motorcycles is Henry Cole. Cole has been an avid motorbike enthusiast for his entire life.

What is Henry Cole’s estimated net worth?
Ans: Henry Cole has a net worth of between $3 and $5 million.

What is the age of Henry Cole?
Ans: Henry Cole, who is currently 58 years old, was born on February 16, 1965.

Do Fuzz Townshend and Henry Cole have a friendship?
Ans: Henry Cole set out to locate, purchase, and profit from the UK’s abandoned automotive treasures with friends Fuzz Townshend and Guy Willison.