Exercise is an extremely essential part of life that supports you in living a healthier and better life. Many people do follow an exercise schedule regularly that refreshes their body and mind and help them lead towards a better and more satisfying day.

But, sometimes due to lack of knowledge many follow steps that are not good for health and continue exercising the wrong way unconsciously that can prove dangerous later.

Here we bring to you a list of the most common myths and misconceptions about exercise that you may also be having and mind. It is essential to know about these and take major steps of correction so that you do not cause any harm to yourself in the long run.

For this you need to get proper guidance and improve many aspects of your exercise routine to get more benefit and avoid any problems.

The most common myths about exercise are as follows:

1. Low Intensity Exercise Burns More Fat

This statement is not true since the fat that you burn depends on how much calories you consume during your exercise. Facts say that the faster you walk or run, the greater number of calories you will burn per minute and therefore more fat will be consumed at faster pace exercise.

Though you cannot start with high intensity exercise, you always have to start with a lower pace and then gradually increase it over time for smoother and better results.

2. Yoga is a Completely Gentle and Safe Exercise


This is another big myth since many styles of yoga are not at all gentle. These require quite rigorous practice and are too demanding both physically and mentally. Also, a qualified and careful instruction is necessary for performing safe yoga else results may be harmful.

3. Exercising for Long will Always get the Results You Want

The results that you get depend a lot on your genetics. Different people are found to respond differently to the same exercise routine. The results that you get may differ from the other people you know in terms of building up your strength, speed and endurance.

4. Exercise is a Guaranteed Way to Lose Weight

Losing weight exercise

Weight gain or weight loss is a result of many factors that include major roles by your dietary intake and genetics. Everyone cannot lose the same amount of weight by following similar exercise routine. Sometimes, even after exercising regularly you may feel active but not lose weight. Only exercise cannot result in getting you the ideal weight but it does help in successfully managing your weight over time.

5. Losing Weight is not Possible with Strength Training

Losing weight

Most of the exercise experts say that cardiovascular exercise and strength training both benefit in gaining a healthy weight. Strength training not only assists in maintaining your muscle mass but also results in decreasing your body fat percentage.

6. Water Fitness Programs are of Use to Older People


Water fitness

Water fitness programs can actually prove to be real challenging so highly fit people along with the top athletes incorporate these into their training programs. These are very much effective for improving fitness and losing weight.

7. The Health and Fitness Benefits of Mind Body Exercise are Doubtful

mind body exercise

Researches show that the benefits of mind body exercise are increasing day by day. The mind body exercise results in reduced back pain, improved flexibility, good balance and coordination, strengthened posture and better stress management.

8. Going to a GYM is the Best Way to Stay Fit


Researches show that home based workout sessions suit better for many people. The best way to stay fit is the way in which you can participate whole heartedly whether at home or at a well equipped gym. This differs from person to person.

9. Take up a Protein Shake After Your Workout Session


Protein shakes and powders are the lowest quality food that should be consumed only in emergency. It is good to have proteins from real foods like yogurt, nuts and fruits rather than consuming the processed items. These provide you the necessary proteins plus many other good vitamins and minerals that are beneficial to your body.

10. Stretching before Exercise Reduces the Risk of Injury


It is important to warm up before engaging into real exercise. However, stretching does not show any benefit in reducing the risk of injury or soreness or in improving performance. In fact, you can risk injury if you stretch a cold muscle. There is no harm in stretching but a warm up is must.

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So, let these myths and misconceptions about exercise not harm your workout sessions anymore. Have a healthy exercise routine for a fit body. Stay fit!