This world is full of different kinds of people. Every person has a different identity. Whether it is from his physical appearance or any of his talent. A person would be so good to see that people remember him with his face.

And if a person’s physical appearance such as eyes, any birthmark, and even height is different, then people remember them from that feature. All these things can separate you from the crowd. If you have different or new talent, then people get to know you from it.

Let me introduce you to India’s Tallest Cop “Jagdeep Singh. Yes, you heard it right; Jagdeep Singh is India’s Tallest Cop. If you think” The Great Khali “is the tallest person in India, then you are absolutely wrong. Jagdeep Singh is 2 inches taller than “The Great Khali”.

Let’s know about the world’s tallest cop

We all have heard this, that law hands are long. But today you will also see it. Jagdeep Singh, who is 7 feet 6 inches tall, is considered the world’s tallest policeman. Yes, don’t be surprised. This is manifestly true. Let me introduce you to his childhood. Jagdeep Singh was born in Amritsar.

Since childhood, he was treated in a slightly different way. And all this was happening because of his increasing height. This man, who has become a celebrity today, people used to bully him because of his height.

At that time he had no idea that his future could be like a celebrity. Jagdeep Singh is of very good nature. As a child, when people used to bully him, he used to get out of there with a huge smile and did not even fight.

People say, only a moment is enough to change the situation. From being bullied by people to being a celebrity in Punjab, this journey of Jagdeep Singh is magnificent. He has been working in the Punjab Police for the last 20 years. If you want to take a selfie with the tallest police officer, then make a ladder for yourself because it is impossible to reach him like this.

Have you ever felt uncomfortable with your height?

Once he uploaded his picture on Facebook, and people start calling his devil, alien, and monster. Bullying never left him alone, not even when he was grown up. He said, “I’m the tallest policeman in Punjab” and I have known for my height. This is a gift of God. So why would I feel uncomfortable with my height? Even I feel blessed.

There are some other problems that Jagdeep Singh faced and still facing. It is very difficult to buy cloth and shoes for his size. Can you guess his shoe size? No! You won’t believe me but his shoe size is 19 and that is not available in India. So he has to buy it from abroad.

He cannot even use public toilets or public transport, just because of his size. Public toilets and transport are quite small for him to use.

Let me astonish you a little bit, he has to sew his uniforms from his personal tailor. Not only this, but his belt is also customized. Whenever someone walks through a street, there is a crowd of people to get selfies with him. He is a local celebrity there.

How did he find love in his life?

When he was young, people used to bully him, but when he grew up, his love life too started coming into the problem. The girls were not willing to marry him. Because they used to think that he is very tall and they have no match. But where did they know that the higher his height is, the bigger his heart is.

After all, Jagdeep SinghTallest police officer” got his perfect match. Sukhbir Kaur, whose height is 5ft 11in. He is married to her. Sukhbir Kaur has never been uncomfortable by the height of Jagdeep Singh, but instead, she feels proud that she married the world’s tallest policeman. Wherever they go, he people treat them like a celebrity. Everyone wants to take a photo with them. And Sukhbir Kaur said that this feeling is marvelous.

How did the audience get Goosebumps with his heart-wrenching act?

Jagdeep Singh is a member of Bir Khalsa Group. Jagdeep Singh participated in India’s got talent. The judges were stunned upon seeing their daredevil act. Jagdeep Singh along with his colleague Kanwaljit Singh participated in India’s got talent. He even reached the finale of the show. If you think that their journey is over here, then you are totally wrong. Rather, a new journey starts from here. After this, he has earned even more respect and fame.

Jagdeep Singh participated in America’s Got Talent Season 14 with Kanwaljit Singh in 2019. And won the hearts of American audiences along with judges Gabrielle Union, Howie Mandel, Julianne Hough, and Simon Kaval. His act was absolutely shocking. You will also become numb if I narrate it to you.

Keep your senses and listen. Jagdeep laid on the ground and placed coconuts and watermelons all around him. Kanwaljit Singh, who was blindfolded, crushed that coconut and watermelons with a hammer.

Think if there was a slight miss, what could have been the result. But where were the chances of missing the target? The Bir Khalsa Group had been practicing such acts for the past 15 years.

When Kanwaljit Singh had a crush on the last coconut with a hammer, the audience and judges gave them a standing ovation. And it is a matter of great pride in itself. His video has been uploaded on the YouTube channel of America’s Got Talent and the video name is “This Danger Act From India Will SCARE You With A SMASH

Things have been changed so much after this. Jagdeep Singh has become famous among people all over the world. Clothes are no longer sewed by the tailors, but now, he do shopping from Aborad.

The ceiling and doors are built according to his height. He has also performed in many other international talents shows such as Germany’s Got Talent, Slovakia’s Got Talent, etc.

After earning so much fame, Jagdeep Singh wanted his name in Guinness World Records. So that people will come from different parts of the world just to see him.


Life is a blessing of God. Now, it totally depends on us how we take it. The mind controls everything. If you set up your thoughts in the right direction then you can become like Jagdeep Singh.

He never complained about his height. He took it as a blessing and now enjoying every moment of it. Ignoring all the bad things, he focused on his job and his skills. Those people who used to bully him, today they want to take a selfie with him. That is the power of a positive attitude.

“Always accept yourself with your flaws, keep your head high, enjoy every moment of this beautiful gift called life”