Get ready to make your file conversion task easy to perform. There are so many software products and online tools through which the file conversion process becomes so much easy and effortless to perform. Do you want to know about which tools we are talking about?

Well without wasting any time let’s compile the names of top best and fastest 3 online converter platforms which you can use for your files/folder conversion:

1. FileZigZag


FileZigZag is on the top list, which is recommended to be one of the most popular online file converter tools for students and business professionals. This online converter tool is a file that runs on email-based converter functioning.

You will probably be finding most of its features similar to the Zamzar online file converter. This tool has the ability where it can support different file formats such as images, documents, audio, video, and archive.

You need to make the selection of the file which you want to the converter and make the choice of its output format. Mention the email address in the required box and click on the “convert” option.

As you will be receiving the email, you have to click on the link given and download the converted file. The best thing about this online tool is its review options. Before you get the final converted version of your file, you can preview it to see how it looks.

2. Online Convert Free

online convertf ree

Online Convert Free has made itself to be one of the most remarkable tools which are working best as the online file converter. This has been quite a lot popular for the students. The overall interface and the advanced features of this online file converter tool have been a lot friendly and easy to perform.

You don’t need to attend any guidance or tutorials for performing this tool. You can easily make the use of it for converting your files into two different formats, which are input or output. All you have to do is to upload the file, which you are looking forward to converting and add it to the conversion box.

In just a matter of a few minutes, the conversion process will end up successfully. This tool is used for converting books, documents, images, archives, or audio files.

3. Zamzar


Zamzar is third on our ranking! This online file free converter tool is supporting around 1200 different file conversion tools according to your needs. You can look for the conversion types on the homepage to choose one best type for yourself.

You can either select your file or enter the file URL or can even make the selection of output file format. You can choose from the ebook, video, documents, music, or images. Zamzar is a little bit different in functioning as compared to other file converters.

You have to mention your email address to get the converted file in your hand. The link of the converted file will be sent straight away at your specified email address.