Fix that itinerary, but don’t forget to fetch quality goods at reasonable prices in Salt Lake City UT. Rare books, jewelry, fashionable brands, they’re all for the taking, whether you are on vacation or live around the downtown area.

Utah’s capital, Salt Lake City, is one of the most dynamic and eclectic parts of United States. It’s no surprise the city receives tourists throughout the year. They visit to experience the natural beauty, local festivals and historic landmarks. So shopping is perhaps not high up on the agenda, but it’s no exaggeration to call SLC a shopper’s paradise. After all, in 1868 it became the location of the first ever departmental store in US. People staying in the downtown area have the lion’s share of options. So let’s find out where you can go shopping in downtown SLC!
Urban Flea Market

Like any real destination, SLC has its own flea market, but unfortunately not round the year. It has a unique mix of products for all age groups and hobbyists and you might want to check out the pet-adoption schemes there. A visit to the flea market also includes checking out the numerous food trucks nearby. The market accommodates a maximum of 100 vendors and takes place one Sunday a month between May and October.

1: The Gateway

the gateway salt lake city ut

Glamorous and appealing, The Gateway is one of the more upscale shopping locations in Salt Lake City. It is the only open-air contemporary destination in the city. There are ample eating options as well. For people with something bigger in terms of entertainment on their mind, there are always places like IMAX and Clarke Planetarium. One of the most popular attractions here is Discover Gateway (a-state-of-the-art museum for children).

2: Antoinette’s Antique Jewelry

Antoinette’s Antique Jewelry Salt Lake City

Diamonds may be forever, but “Spectacular art … should adorn you.” It is a place that houses a collection of some of the rarest and antique jewelry. It could well be that one destination to get that special something for a special someone on a special occasion. It never stops to impress.

3: The Scandinavian Shop

The Scandinavian Shop

This one makes it to the list for its uniqueness. With a huge variety of items to offer, it is truly one-of-a-kind theme store, which sells specialty foods, clogs, sweaters and more. Although the original shop first shifted, then closed down, you can find the modern-day version on 900 E and 1700 S.

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One of the original shop’s family members said, “… My father owned the Scandinavian Shop in Salt Lake. Yes we moved to a new location across from the Salt Palace but shortly after, we went out of business due to lack of customers and the construction downtown. We packed up everything and sold a lot of items through garage sales and eBay.”

4: Ken Sanders Rare Books

Ken Sanders Rare Books

The popular proverb states that knowledge is power. This bookstore is among the must-visit ones, with its collection of literature which has stood the test of time, and well, ignorance. A thrilling place, it can give you that ‘aha’ moment if you are an avid reader. You will definitely be a fan of this collection, which also includes some new books. Used books are also available.

5: City Creek Centre

City Creek Centre

The cherry on the cake! It opened in 2012 and is spread approximately over a sprawling 20-acre land. It is home to some of the big guns like Tiffany & Co., Macy’s, Porsche Design and Nordstrom. The place is home to about 100 shopping and eating options. Texas De Brazil and The Cheesecake Factory are the only two stores that remain open on Sundays. One of the major highlights is the retractable roof, the perfect solution for a rainy day.

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Shopping around on a vacation is often associated with extra baggage, so restrict yourself to merchandise, small gifts, some great books and the like. A Salt Lake City concerts gives you the opportunity to explore a variety of shop styles, and they always leave you with something to take back. But remember to travel to downtown shops, whether you are right there or need to travel from the outskirts. SLC has its touristy touch, which includes business travelers taking a ride to the area, although they might put up at some convention center near the airport.