New York is one of the active and lively cities in the U.S. that is full of entertainment, art, culture and vigour. It is a home to various marvellous and striking sites, attractions and landmarks that’s why the city draws millions of visitors every year.

Below is the list of famous landmarks of the city that you must visit while your trip to New York as without visiting these places your tour to the city is incomplete.

1: Central Park

Central Park

Located in Manhattan, New York, Central Park is a well-known metropolitan park that covers a wide area of 843 acres. Central Park is visited by millions of visitors every year as well as it is featured in various movies as well. A long stroll or a cart ride via the interweaving passageways of Central Park is a must-do act if a visitor wants to take a great experience of the park and the city as it is one of the places that make NY a gorgeous and inhabitable city.

Moreover being a perfect place to sight nature, the park encloses many marvellous attractions inside its boundaries such as the Belvedere Castle, the Central Park Zoo, Strawberry Fields plus the Lake.

2: The Statue of Liberty

Statue of Liberty

The Statue of Liberty, a massive copper sculpture located on Liberty Island, New York is a gift from France to America. Since its inception, the statue stays as a famed world representation of liberty as well as one of the supreme American icons. It is one of the world’s most massive statues which is 152 feet tall and weighing approximately 450,000 pounds. It is a figurine of a robed lady symbolising Roman liberty deity, Libertas.

The statue clutches a torch over her head in her right hand plus a tabula ansata emblazoned in Roman figures in her left hand, as well as a wrecked chain positioned at her base. The statue is an attractive, welcoming spectacle to migrants coming from overseas countries.

3: The Empire State Building

empire state building

Situated in Manhattan, New York the Empire State Building is a well-known skyscraper that is around 381-meter-tall and encloses 102-stories. The name of the structure was inspired by the nickname of NY, i.e. Empire State. The Building is an American artistic representation that has been featured in above 250 television shows as well as movies.

The key deck on the 86th floor of the building is the leading open-air observatory within the city that offers eye-catching 360-degree sights of the Statue of Liberty, the Brooklyn Bridge and much more. The building attracts loads of visitors every year with its magnificent architecture.

4: Rockefeller Center

rockefeller center new york

Rockefeller Center is a huge shopping and entertainment complex, which was custom-built by the Rockefeller family. It is located in the center of Manhattan, New York and consists 19 commercial buildings. The complex is abode to the radio, NBC- TV and other media centre. Rockefeller Center is in general alienated into two fractions, i.e. the original centre and International-style structures.

The key attraction of the compound is 30 Rockefeller Plaza that offers breathtaking views of Manhattan from its renowned Observation Deck – Top of the Rock. The centre is also renowned for its yearly illumination of the Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree.

5: Times Square

times square new york

Positioned in Manhattan, Times Square is a foremost commercial junction, entertainment centre, tourist place and a lively destination. The square is brilliantly decorated with attractive advertisements and billboards. Times Square is active and unendingly crowded, however, acquires its own exclusive appeal.

It is as well the centre of the Broadway Theater District plus a key centre of the entertainment industry of the world. The square is one of the leading tourist attractions of the world. The Times Square is renowned as the spot of the yearly New Year’s Evening ball drop.

6: The Brooklyn Bridge

brooklyn bridge new york

With its striking Gothic-shaped archways and suspension wires, The Brooklyn Bridge is recognised as the most exclusive landmark of the New York City. The bridge has motivated various generations of poets, songwriters and painters. It is also acknowledged as the world’s initial steel suspension overpass.

Visitors can view the remarkable views of Manhattan and Statue of Liberty while walking on the walkway of the bridge. Since its opening in 1883, it had turned into an idol of the City and was voted as an NHL (National Historic Landmark) in 1964 as well as an NHCEL (National Historic Civil Engineering Landmark) in 1972.

7: High Line


high line new york

Formerly a rail line, the High Line has been altered into a metropolitan walking path on top of the city streets that is the latest attraction in the city of New York. This beautiful public park is filled with the assortment of trees and plants from which many are local species.

To offer natural feel, these plants are marvellously lined with glass fences in most of the areas of the park. Though the High Line is just about two or three stories over street height, the sights of the architecture of the city plus the views of the streets present a whole new viewpoint.

8: Metropolitan Museum of Art

metropolitan museum of art new york

The Metropolitan Museum of Art also referred as the Met is one of the biggest and optimum art museums in the America and world. The permanent collection of the museum embraces over two million pieces of art that are spanned around 5000 years of world traditions. Tourist attractions of the compilation contain attractive American arts, costumes, arms and armour, Egyptian art, photographs, musical instruments and much more.

Even though the museum encloses three sites, the key attraction of the museum is The Met Fifth Avenue. Exhibitions within the museum bring some of the world’s most famous works to the public.

9: Grand Central Terminal

grand central terminal nyc

Frequently referred as Grand Central Station, the Grand Central Terminal is an extraordinary Beaux-Arts structure and a commuter & intercity railroad workstation. Located in Manhattan, New York it is one of the famous landmarks of the city and a must-visit place for visitors.

Initially, the structure was used as the terminal for the subway and train stations. The terminal has 44 platforms, the most in any railway station in the world. The Main public space contains an ornately adorned astronomical ceiling that depicts a celestial view. The other key attraction of the terminal is its Grand Staircase.

10: Central Park Zoo

Central Park Zoo

Located in Central Park, New York, the Central Park Zoo is a famous attraction of the city. It is the division of an incorporated scheme of four zoos. The zoo displays animals from temperate, tropical as well as polar areas across the world. The key attraction of the site is the sea lion pool which is located in the middle courtyard.

Its latest design embraces glass surfaces so that spectators can observe glossy carnivorous mammals spiralling and gliding under water. The recently added attraction of the place is the Tisch Children’s Zoo where kids can get near to domestic animals like goats, sheep and cow. In the middle of the Children’s Zoo, there is the beautiful Enchanted Forest.

11: One World Trade Center

One World Trade Center

One World Trade Center also recognised as Freedom Tower is the central building of the reconstructed World Trade Center compound. It is one of the longest structures in the world. The super tall structure holds the similar name as the novel World Trade Center’s North Tower acquired.

The North Tower was destroyed during the terrorist attack of 9/11 2001.The latest skyscraper locates on the north-west area of the 16-acre wide World Trade Center spot.

12: The Battery

battery park nyc

The Battery, previously recognised as Battery Park is a public park, which is located in the Manhattan, New York. The Park, as well as its neighbouring area, is named after the weaponry batteries that were located here in prehistoric time.

The park encloses various remnants of olden times such as Castle Clinton, the final relic of the defensive works and Hope Garden, a commemorative plaque to AIDS sufferers. It is visited by loads of visitors every to perceive significant and noteworthy remnants of past times.

13: Flatiron Building

flatiron building nyc

Initially recognised as the Fuller Building, the Flatiron Building is a triangular 22-storied landmark in New York. The building is the exceptional skyscrapers and an archetypal icon of the City. Flatiron Building is built with terra-cotta and limestone as well as designed in the Beaux-Arts style that features French and Italian resurgence influences.

Perfectly shaped like a right triangle, the structure appraises only 6 feet around the slight end. It is a top destination for up-market restaurants, sightseeing and shopping.

14: Chelsea Market

chelsea market nyc

Chelsea Market is an enfolded inner-city shopping mall, food court, office building as well as television production facility. It located in the Chelsea, New York City. The market is meant as the global standpoint. The region has at all times been the hub of food, opening with the Algonquin Indians.

For food lovers and happy-go-lucky tourists, it is probable to come in the Market at one stop in the sunup and not outlet the further until noon, without getting bored and positively without being hungry. This place is worth it to visit during the trip to New York.

15: Brooklyn Botanic Garden

brooklyn botanic garden nyc

Located in Brooklyn, New York, the Brooklyn Botanic Garden is a famous botanical garden that is spread over a wide area of 52-acre. The garden features numerous exceptional small gardens, plant compilations as well as the Steinhardt Conservatory.

The Garden houses more than 14,000 varieties of plants and is visited by millions of visitors. The famous small gardens of the Brooklyn Botanic Garden are Cherry trees, Japanese Hill-and-Pond Garden, Cranford Rose Garden, Native Flora Garden, Shakespeare Garden, Fragrance Garden, Children’s Garden and Water Garden.

The Garden also encompasses an Overlook, which is an excellent position for bird watching and watching other flora and fauna at the Garden.


If you are planning a trip to New York in the near future you must visit all above places to make your vacation time memorable and exciting.