It’s great when you look amazing without any makeup at all, right? But let’s face it, it’s a rare event; we usually need some makeup to cover up certain issues on our faces. Still, it’s possible to look completely natural and to have beautiful skin without a minimum of makeup. Here’s how:

1. No foundation

Perfect clean skin

This may shock you, but it’s possible to have a great complexion without foundation. Smooth and brighten your skin with a gentle exfoliant first. If your skin gets too red after it, then use a gentle cleanser. Use a cleaning sponge to do it, and make circular motions.

Rinse it off with water, and while the skin is still wet, put a few drops of facial oil. Next, add a serum for your skin type and eye cream. Finish with oil-free sunscreen.

2. Conceal blemishes


Now it’s time to cover blemishes and dark circles if you can’t stand them. Try applying a lightweight concealer. A small, flat concealer brush is also important here. Still, if you want to hide dark circles under the eyes, it’s better to just swipe the brush, and then pat the concealer with your fingers. You can finish it by applying a bit of translucent powder in your T-zone.

3. Accentuate your eyes


The easiest way to make your face radiant and impressive is to accentuate your eyes. You can choose one of two ways. First, you can opt for a subtle look that will brighten your complexion.

Secondly, you can go for a darker look that will create a stronger definition and impression. Just make sure you use the best eye makeup products for this step.

Use a simple trick here – you can either go with one product and swipe it over the whole eyelid (it’s a strong eye-catching effect) or opt for a creamy eyeshadow in some bright color. In case you want a more casual look, add a nude shade all over your lids.

Focus on accentuating the inner corners of your eyes. Use a white eyeliner to do that and add a bit of shimmer eyeshadow. To achieve a more intensive look, add a darker shade, such as grey, all over the lids.

In case you want some extra definition, but you want to maintain a bare look, apply just a bit of light grey or brown pencil on the line between the top and the top lashes. Make sure that your brows follow the same style, whichever it may be. Groomed eyebrows frame your face wonderfully even when you don’t apply much makeup.

4. A splash of color on the lips

Beauty lips

There’s a time when you still can see lipstick on your lips, even though most of it already faded. Well, that’s the look you are trying to achieve when you want a “no makeup” look. Even if you adore intensive red lipstick, a gradient tint can do a lot for your skin tone.

Pick a color of the lipstick that usually goes well with your skin tone. Peachy or orange shades are better for fair skin, while medium skin looks better with mauve or cranberry shades. Finally, deep skin prefers brown, taupe and other cooler tones.

First, dot small amounts of the lipstick across your lips. Use a cotton swab or your finger to spread it outward. Finish it with a clear gloss.

5. Natural blushing


Blushed cheeks make us look great, as they make your skin look alive and healthy. They accentuate your natural beauty. It doesn’t matter if you prefer powders or if you usually use creams for your face. You still need to find a blush that latches your skin’s natural flush. The perfect blush will automatically enhance your skin tone.

If it’s difficult for you to identify the right tone of blush for you, use your natural lip tone as help. In most cases, pink blush goes great with a fair skin tone, peachy blush goes with medium skin, while brownish pink fits with darker skin.

Apply the blush on areas where the sun would naturally fall into your face, namely, the apples of your cheeks, your forehead, and chins, as well as the bridge of your nose.

If you are aiming at a more subtle look, then avoid sparkly and shimmery blushes. On the other hand, if you want a stronger look, get a stronger color, such as orange. Plus, add highlighter on the apples of your cheeks. That will make your cheeks pop.

All in all

Most women enjoy wearing makeup because it makes it easier to hide skin issues, to look well-rested and to make your whole face pop. However, it’s sometimes great to make a change by minimizing the makeup and go for something more natural.

Natural doesn’t mean worse – it’s just a different kind of beautiful. Luckily, it’s clear now that there are makeup tricks that can do that, too.