Philadelphia is a charming and historic city of the USA. Whether you are visiting with or without kids you will find many amazing sites that you should visit. However, planning a day in Philadelphia with kids can be really exciting. You will get a chance to select some of the best places that you should visit. However, when you are planning to explore Philadelphia, things can get a little confusing. There are so many options available that selection of a few can be really difficult. To help you pick out the best ones here we have the list of top places that you must visit with kids.

1. Kids Castle


In Doylestown, PA, it is a beautiful 8 story doll house. If you have daughters, you cannot afford to miss this location. The 35 feet high doll house will give your kids the real-life experience of playing in the dollhouse. Some of the amazing attractions of the dollhouse are.

  • A huge twisted side that makes it look like a fairytale
  • A tree house
  • Friendly dragon
  • Barnyard
  • Downtown promenade for kids
  • Rocketship

There is also a kid’s amphitheater as well as a lot of swings and slides that will allow your kids to spend the best few hours. You will be surprised to know that the services are free. Once your kids will enter the place, it will get hard to take them out.

2. The National Museum of American Jewish History

The National Museum of American Jewish History

It is one of the biggest museums in the USA that has been dedicated to interpreting and preserving the Jewish experience in America. If you have children under the age of 13, it is important that they should visit the museum under adult supervision.

However, assure that you book your tickets in advance otherwise you might not get a chance to visit the museum. They will provide you with a scheduled time to visit but in case you are late, the services are flexible and they will allow you to have the best experience.

3. Smith Memorial Playground & Playhouse

smith memorial playground

If you want to roam around Philadelphia, while your children can be at a safe place, take them to the Smith memorial playground. It is a safe and free playground where your children under the age of 10 can play as long as they like and older children should be left in charge to assure that nothing will go wrong if you have to leave for a few minutes. It is a 6 ½ acre playground that is located in the East Fairmount Park. The biggest attraction of the park is the Ann Newman Giant wooden slide. It gives the kids a completely new experience of playing in the slide and enjoying their time in the best possible way.

As well as there are more than 50 pieces of age appropriate and unique toys that your kids can use to play. The playhouse in 24000 square foot in the area and it is specially designed for the children under the age of 5. Young children will get the chance to cook in the kitchen, drive a train or ride their tricycles in Smithville for an amazing time. let your kids play freely in the playground.

4. Please Touch Museum

Please Touch Museum

It is a museum located in the Wynnefield area of Philadelphia. The best thing about the museum is that it is specially designed for children at the age of 7 years and younger. There are 9 exciting exhibits for children where they can enjoy as well as the playhouse theater in which the whole family can participate for some extra enjoyment. For anyone over the age of 1, you will have to get the non-member ticket. However, assure that you reach the location as early as possible. That is the only way to have the whole day full of fun.

5. Philadelphia Zoo

Philadelphia Zoo

It is famous for being the first zoo in the USA. It is expanded on 42 acres of Victorian Gardens where more than 1300 animals are living. Most of them are endangered and rare animals. You will not only find different species of animals to explore but also a chance to enjoy in the carousel or Zoo Balloon rides as well as the express train. It is a must-see place to visit with kids.

6. Sesame Place

Sesame Place

The place is located in Langhorne, a little outside Philadelphia. However, it is a perfect theme park where families will get a chance of bringing Sesame Street to real life with their kids. There are special events organized in place to make your summer holidays exciting.

How to Get to Philadelphia

Before you can get started with the selection of best places to Philadelphia, it is important to understand the requirements of visiting Philadelphia, so you will not have to deal with any kind of security issues. You will need your Visa and New ESTA (it is Electronic System of Travel Authorization in related with the Visa Waiver program) for your arrival in Philadelphia. It will allow you to visit the USA several times in the year for traveling purpose. Once you have all the important documents prepared and approved, you will surely enjoy your stay in Philadelphia.

Bottom Line

It is important for you to plan your visit wisely when you are in Philadelphia with kids. You have to assure that you select all the important locations that will attract your kids and allow them to have the best experience of their life. No doubt that when you have limited time visiting all the places would not be possible.

However, proper planning and selection of the right places will allow you and your kids to enjoy, without getting tired. When you have kids, you will need a higher budget to assure you will not run out of cash. It is better that you book an affordable hotel and flight tickets, so you will save some extra money to enjoy in Philadelphia.