Wolf is used in making many new and interesting characters in anime. Wolf boys, wolf girls are having a soft heart and are protecting things. There is much anime which are best in terrifying, adorable, lovable part. Here is a list of the top 15 wolf anime which are most commonly seen by people.

1. Blue, Wolf’s Rain

One character is named Kiba is knocked out by the blue which is another wolf in the show. Blue is not knowing that she is a wolf. This is one of the best parts of the anime. In this, she is spending her life as a merged mongrel in the service of a human master.

When the truth was in front of her then she was in a dilemma that she should continue the work under the master or help the people as blue as she cares for the master. It is one of the Japanese series which was created by Keiko nobumoto and it was produced by bones.

It is having 26 episodes on the television and four original videos which are animated. This is the story that is mostly focused on the four lone wolves who cross paths by smelling the smell of the lunar flower.

2. Kiba, wolf’s rain

You would be thinking that why wolf rain characters are rated so high. Kiba was considered one of the most popular wolf amines. He is much different from the other wolves as he thinks that they should not leave their true identity.

He is very courageous and quite tenacious that is why it is considered the best wolf anime. He has the most devotion to the cheza and he is having a different identity which makes him so popular. It was the first character that was introduced in this show.

He can easily find the lunar flower and open the way to paradise. Whenever they want to find paradise then he would be the leader and always encourage other wolves that they will find paradise way. He was the strongest in the pack. He was always normal throughout the show.

3. Holo, spice, wolf

She was not a deity but she was worshiped for many years as she has brought a good harvest in the wheat-reliant village. She spends most of her time and life teaching people how to till the land, how to grow crops properly but as the production increases and new products are launched, they do not need her.

After this, she went to her snowy homeland in yoitsu and spend most of her centuries there. Then she made a very enjoyable plot which she named spice and wolf and she was not easy to forget. She was one of the characters of the light novel. She was always seen in the field in the form of a pretty woman.

She was a smart and confident girl. She often drinks when she has a chance to do so. She makes a connection with Lawrence so that she should not feel alone.

4. Moro, princess Mononoke

Moro is one of the characters of the princess Mononoke wolf anime show. She is 300 years old which is considered the god of wolves who are having divine power. It is very intelligent and is having the capability to easily understand the different languages.

It is a very kind wolf and easily understands the language of mankind. She is a very strong character and understands the evil tricks of the man. She is also a leader of the wolf and is a loving mother. when san was a baby, Moro caught her parents in case of destroying the forest and even attack them.

San’s parents left san at that place and ran away to save their life. Then Moro keeps san as her daughter. This is because san behaves like a wolf not like a human as her mother was behaving. She was a very intelligent wolf as she can do anything to save her forest and wolf.

5. Zafira, magical girl lyrical Nanoha A’s

Zafira was considered as the guarding beast which was introduced in the magical girl lyrical Nanoha A’s. he is the large wolf that was blue. He can change himself into a strong and muscular man who is having dark skin with wolf eyes, ears, and tail.

He is not having a birth year or date like the other wolkenritter. He does not speak until and unless it is very important to say something. He is a very calm and serious person. He does not as people see him while he is changing himself into a puppy.

He is comfortable with children and easily includes himself with the children. He was born in the ancient Balkan era. He belongs to the Yagami family. It is having an indigo white color. It was one of the creations of the book of darkness. He is the one who is not a knight.

6. Polt, daily life with a monster girl

Polt is the coordinator and owner of the extra species health spa sports club kobold and kobold stadium. She was also known for her work with smith by watching the extra species that break the law and are on probation. It also helps cerea, miia, mero to lose their weight.

Polt is considered as the kobold in the form of a wolf. She looks like a human woman and having a wolfish nose, tail, ears which are covered with fur on the body. Her body structure suits her occupation. She is very active and having muscular arms and legs. She is one of the anime wolves.

She is having more breasts as compared to the other characters. She always wears a black shirt with a sports club name written on that and a tack coat on it. She wears denim short hot pants, thigh straps, and wristbands, a dog collar, and athletic sneakers. She always looks like a workout coach.

7. Amaterasu, Okami

Amaterasu was known by the name “the great mother” and “goddess of the sun” in Okami which shows that how much power she was. She was a white wolf who died a hundred years ago. She was considered as the mother of all and she can go at any length to save the life of the village from any doom.

She was the main protagonist of the story of Okami. She was known by the other name amako and after some time, she was known by the name Okami. Okami is very kind, quiet, and mature in nature. she is always ready to help people who are in need.

She also gets into sleep when someone explains something for a long time. She is very intelligent. She does not like to take bath. She is having a crimson color marking on the body and the tail looks like a calligraphy brush.

8. Fenrir, matantei Loki Ragnarök

Loki’s first son was the Fenrir. He is having a real identity as the giant wolf which is bound by the gods. It almost looks like a small black dog. He is having a pair of black eyes. It just looks like the other dog present in the world.

He changes his identity into toa wild wolf just like his brother. He is the most affectionate and harmless puppy son. God easily understands his wordings and people around them hear the barkings of the dog just like the other dogs.

9. Ames and yuki, Ookami kodomo no ame to yuki

Yuki was the sister and daughter of parents named Hana and wolfman. She is having the ability to change herself into a wolf or a human as her father is having. When she was a baby or young girl, she was very energetic and so happy and lucky as well. She likes to move here and there and enjoy that place. She also likes to chase small prey.

As she is growing the energetic and running behavior changes to calm and mature behavior. She has also given her promise to her mom that she will never change into a wolf in a public place.

When she was in school, she likes to take part in many activities and she was having a lot of friends. She is very intelligent during school time. She is having long hair which is reaching to the middle of her back.

10. Kouga, InuYasha

He is a young leader of the wolf tribe. In the battle, he first met InuYasha as an opponent. He is having two embedments in his legs and one in the right arm. He is very straightforward in not having sympathy for the weak person like humans.

He is having blue eyes and black hair which is tied into a ponytail. He is also having an average height. He is having a brown tail at the back which is just like wolves are having. He also wears a wolf fur headband. He is having the brown wolf fur as the shoulder plates.

He moves at a higher speed and having a lot of strength. He is having pointed ears. He resembles the other demons in the wolf amine story. He is having hard skin as compared to the other demons.

11. Sajin komamura

In the seventh century, he was the former captain. He is always mistaken as a dog. He is an anthropomorphic wolf. He is very much conscious about his appearance so he wears gloves with bracers, helmets, to cover himself.

After some time he gains confidence and he goes outside without his helmet in front of soul society. He was considered the tallest captain of gotei 13. He is having light brown color fur on the body which matches with the gloves he is wearing.

He usually wears shoulder weights on the haori and large, plated boots instead of sandals. He also wears a high collar which is very much similar to the shoulder weights he is wearing. The high collars are easily visible in the uniform he used to wear. He is having a heart that is gold. He is very loyal and grateful to the captain-commander.

12. Tsume

Tsume is considered as the second wolf which was declared in the wolf rain. He is very rough and self-reliant. He is considered to be the strongest fighter who used to keep his feelings to himself. He does not believe paradise to exit. He joins the group of wolves to get out of boredom.

He always has some queries with Kiba in this whole wolf anime show. He also believes in paradise as similar as Kiba has. He is having an eye color of light yellow and his hair color is silver grey. When he changes into a human, he is very tall and having a muscular body.

He used to make a ponytail of his hair. He used to wear earrings in the right ears and two hoops on the left. He is also having an x-shaped mark on his back. He is very confident and sometimes he is very arrogant.

13. Terry cloth

Terry cloth was adopted by the toriko and he is a battle wolf. He was a partner of toriko after the tragic loss of his mother. For terry cloth, toriko was like a parental figure. As we know that battle wolves cannot be a friend or interrelated to humans but it was a surprise.

Terry cloth was given a name of this type because of his fur on the body. He does not like all food. He is having a very different taste from the food from the gourmet world. He is having white fur on the body, black eyes, pink pupils, and having a blue mark below the eyes which are scars.

He is the strongest and largest breed of wolf in the world. His mother is very much larger than the elephant. He is a very loyal and affectionate battle wolf.

14. Akira kaburagi regendorf

Akira kaburagi regendorf is considered the main character in the anime wolf of dance in the vampire bund. He is a member of the earth clan who used to protect the tepes family from the vampire. He is considered as the werewolf.

He was the guardian and loves the queen of tepes named mina tepes. He is having black hair and cyan blue eyes. He is almost 17 years old. He is having fair skin. He wears the uniform in the school time as similar as other students used to wear.

In the series, he was seen in casuals all the time. He is having the black fur on his body whenever he changes himself into a wolf. His eyes glow whenever he is angry. he can change himself to a wolf completely when he wants to be small and quick. He is a very kind person and even loyal to his friends.

15. Rygar

Rygar is having horns on the head and he looks just like a wolf monster. He was known by the name “tiger of wind” and he was considered as the feared thief. He was the leader of the mixed breeds of the tigers who were isolated from the humans. When he first met Genki, he saw his optimistic and caring nature.

He was having a rough past which changes him completely and he has a tough time. When he carefully listened to Genki, he changed himself completely and always help people who are in need. He was also having a small or younger brother Gray wolf and they were living together.

He and his brother lived as an orphaned pup. When he came to know that moo people were finding them to kill, he joins the Genki team. Moo killed every person of the tiger pack and also kidnapped his brother and left the tiger to die at that movement.


All the animes are common. They are very strong and active. They always help other people and save their life. They are having a friendly nature and they are mature. At a young age, they are very naughty and energetic but after that, they get mature and do their work properly.