Are you asking yourself the question: why is my iPhone so slow? If yes, you should check out our guide here on the key things to know and do.

Why is my iPhone so slow? You feel like you’ve asked yourself that question a million and one times today. No matter what you do, you can’t get it to respond and perform the most basic tasks.

There are many reasons why this might be occurring. Perhaps you have a bunch of apps running in the background, or maybe it’s time for you to perform a system update. You have been putting that off for a while.

Whatever the reason, there is a way for you to fix it and get your phone working in tip-top shape again. Check out this guide to learn more.

You’ve Used Up Your Storage Space

Every piece of technology has a set amount of memory space available. The pictures, videos, music, and other apps you download takes up space a lot faster than you think.

Once your memory hits 0, you’ll have to delete some stuff to get your phone in working order again.

You Need to Perform an Update

How long as your iPhone been asking you to update? If you’ve been putting it off for a long while, that could be the source of your slow phone.

Go ahead and let your phone go through with the update. If you’re not sure if your phone needs to perform one, go to your “Settings” menu. From there, click on “General” and then “Software Update”.

You’ve Got a Bunch of Apps Running at Once

In some cases, when you swipe up to get rid of an app, it doesn’t close. If enough of these apps are open without your knowledge, it will bog your phone down and make it impossible to do anything on it.

To check and see if you have a large number of apps open, double-click the home button on your phone. This will bring up a multitasking menu that will allow you to see all your suspended apps and close them.

Some of Your Apps Are Running in the Background

Certain apps such as Facebook Messenger work in the background. Facebook messenger doesn’t take up that much room and is pretty useful. That doesn’t mean every background app is helpful.

Some of them will slow down your phone by a lot. Go to “Settings” followed by “General” and click on “Background App Refresh”. You’ll be able to see what’s running and stop anything that’s slowing down your phone.

Your Phone Needs to Be Rebooted

The secret to fixing any piece of technology is to turn it off and turn it back on again. Try to reset it after performing all the other troubleshooting steps above. Doing that will give your phone memory a brand-new start.

If your phone is still running slow after you reboot it, read on here for more maintenance tips that might further fix your problems.

Why is My iPhone so Slow? Your Guide to Speeding Up Your Device

Are you asking yourself why is my iPhone so slow? It might be because it needs to be rebooted or maybe you have too many apps running in the background.

Whatever the reason, try out these troubleshooting steps to fix the problem. If these steps don’t work, check out our blog for more iPhone repair tips.